Wooden Rings is a singer-songwriter project out of Chicago. Ramah D Jihan Malebranche, the only permanent member curates a revolving door of members and contributors in pursuit of a transition from an entirely acoustic, chamber focus to a larger, amplified format.

Ramah D Jihan Malebranche began writing music for the Wooden Rings project in the summer of 2010 after a difficult divorce. He was met with warmth at open mics and small clubs in Chicago. Soon a quartet emerged of nylon string guitar, clarinet, bells, cello, glockenspiel, and electric bass.

The release of the self-titled disc in 2012 attracted notable press from local radio stations stations, national music blogs and built a responsive fan-base of sensitive listeners in Chicago. Twisted & Tangled, the follow-up EP, was recorded at Electrical Audio and garnered press and performances from institutions like WBEZ, WLUW, WXRT, and the Old Town School of Folk Music.

The newest iteration of Wooden Rings is Ramah performing steel-sting accompanied by electric guitar, drums bass, trombone, saxophone and oboe. Look forward to two Eps Heliocentric I & II in 2016.

Past Shows

Current Contributors

Ramah Jihan Malebranche:

Songwriting, Lead vocal, Acoustic guitar, Programming

Peter Burger V:

Supporting vocal, Electric guitar, Glockenspeil

Jon Ozaksut:

Electric Bass

Nathan Staley

Drum kits, Glockenspeil

Contributors to the EPs

Byron Harden:

Electric bass

Joshua Torrey:


Keith Bjorklund:

Oboe and Saxophone

Past Contributors

Ramah Jihan Malebranche:

Songwriting, Lead vocal, Nylon string guitar

Justin Rodig:

Supporting vocal, secondary writer, clarinet, banjo, bells

Marissa Deitz:

Cello, supporting vocals

Ira Oaks:


Brett Bakshis:

Electric bass, Glockenspeil

Noah Silver-Matews:

Electric Bass

Jonathan Chui

Drum kits, Glockenspeil

Rapheal Crawford:


Andrew Zelm:


Ed Yanasal:


JoVia Armstrong: