The Wooden Rings Chamber group is a “quieter” but in some ways more intricate version of band Wooden Rings, a progressive folk and rock group playing off-kilter sad-bastard music that is both foreign and familiar. The chamber group, composed of violinist Asa Jackson, upright bassist Gabe Sparrow, vibraphonist Andrew Munger, and Malebranche dig deeply into the mind and the heart, demanding attention and compassion from audiences in ways that leave you with more than you expected to find.

Wooden Rings, the band forms like Voltron when Chicago drummer, Kevin Jensen is added to the mix and pair with the bass.

Current Contributors

Ramah Malebranche

Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Production

Kevin Jensen

Drums, Programming, Percussion

Andrés Berrios

Guitar, Supporting Vocal

Asa Jackson


Andrew Munger


Gabe Sparrow

Upright Bass

Dakota Nyman


Past Core Contributors

Ramah has been blessed to play with some inspire collaborators, many of which have become family and seen him through the very best and worst time in his life.

Nathan Staley

Drums, Percussion

Alex Breskanu

Electric Bass, Supporting vocal

Liz Arakaki

Supporting vocal, Keyboards

Peter Burger V

Supporting vocal, Electric guitar, Glockenspiel

Justin Rodig

Supporting vocal, secondary writer, clarinet, banjo, glockenspiel

Marissa Deitz

Cello, supporting vocals

Brett Bakshis

Electric bass, Glockenspiel

Jon Ozaksut

Electric Bass, Supporting Vocals

Past Contributors

Many have contributed their time, talent and perspectives to this project, for which we are so grateful.

Joshua Torrey


Keith Bjorklund

Oboe and Saxophone

Sarah Eide

Piano, Keyboards, Supporting vocal

Byron Harden

Electric bass

Ira Oaks


Noah Silver-Mathews

Electric Bass

Raphael Crawford


Jonathan Chui

Drum kits, Glockenspiel

Andrew Zelm


Ed Yanasak


JoVia Armstrong