Vectors Songwriters Circle

What is Vectors

Vectors is a project that began at Lucky Tree Café in Raleigh, North Carolina when Singer-songwriters Ramah Malebranche and Ari Pappalardo met. These two season performers quickly struck up a friendship and imagined a venue where the original music written by local songwriters was the focus, not selling beer of coffee, not chatting with your friends, and certainly not the typical music industry grind of cover songs for food, play-to-play “exposure,” or painfully inflated egos of the influencers.

Our Goal

The highest aspiration of this songwriter’s circle is to have a curated list of singer-songwriters perform their original works to an invested audience in an intimate listening room. When the performer are playing, the audience is actively make space to experience and consider the ideas each writer has crafted. The effect of this attention creates a delicate bridge of experience swinging between performers and the audience. By this bridge, something travels. Something you can take home with you and share with your loved ones someday.


Vector is a showcase that takes 2-2.5 hours and always follows the preceding format:

To Perform at Vectors

Submit a request to perform and we will get back to you. Include the following in your message:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Date you’ like to perform
  3. A short bio (100 word limit):
  4. A streaming link: (Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube Music … something accessible and clean)
  5. Why you think you’re a good fit for Vectors: (Show us you’ve done your homework)