Electrasketch EP Chicago



Crystal Lock Prelude

Talons & Feathers

To The Sky

The Sun

Apollo G’s

So Long


      ElectrasketchPressRelease Electrasketch is an project that give me a chance to sit at home in my jammies and channel the universe without giving a rats ass what anyone thinks. It’s cathartic, fun, dirty, and surprisingly coherent for it’s eclectic, stream-of-consciousness process.—Ramah Malebranche 2017   The Chicagoan behind Wooden Rings, Ramah Jihan, is a fierce songwriter and experienced bandleader with an impressive magazine of broken-hearted love songs set into a lush fusion of acoustic folk, jazz, and rock. The side project, “Electrasketch,” is a solo exploration into electronic music that pairs synthesis, with expansive drums, and lofted vocals creating tremendous sonic crests that are both dirty and clear.