Vectors is an empty form that bonds together collaborative interdisciplinary experience records focused on singular topics.

The artist circle begins by submitting, voting, and ultimately committing to research a carefully selected vector, an idea that can be summed up in a single word.

While working on a vector, artists engage in four levels of curated experiences based on the chosen word from which they create experience records to share their interpretations and reflections with one another.

At each of the four levels, experience records are branded and shared via social media to promote the Headline, a summative event composed of curated experience records from all levels in the form of public performances and exhibitions.


Use the following form to propose four vectors we could take, understanding that we will mine it for whatever we can. Documentation begins here through form of video diaries and blogging/microblogging.

Passion: Would we sacrifice for it?
Curiosity: Do we actually want to acquire it?
Ethics: Is our pursuit of this knowledge ethical?
Inspiration: How flexible is it in application culturally, aesthetically,  musically, and as a commodity?
Fear: Does fear in exploring this topic fall somewhere between apprehension and crippling fear? Vectors with zero fear will be rejected.

Use this Form

Once submissions are in, we will reach a consensus on which vector we will explore.

Comfort is something I want us to be acutely aware of here. Just because a vector seems comfortable or doable doesn’t make it more inspiring.

1. Plan a Personal Experience
2. Plan a Group Experience to include all members
3. Document
4. Report


1. Record two Interview reports in any medium
2. Document
3. Report

1. Select two pieces you have researched from published sources like books, documentaries, news, journals, artwork (each in a different medium)
2. Document
3. Report

1. Collect two myths, legends, propaganda, exaggerations, nightmares
2. Document
3. Report

  1. Select a date
  2. Practice, practice, practice/edit
  3. Promote, promote, promote
  4. Perform and exhibit

Share the twists and turns of the project and lasting impressions of making an experience record this way.


Artist Circle

Ramah Malebranche

Interdisciplinary Artists and Executive Director


“Imagine the power and impact of a tacticle taskforce mobilized around one single idea”

James Sanders


Executive Director – Ramah Malebranche

Artistic Director –

Engineer –

Publicist –

Legal –

Intellectual Property Agreement

Participating artists own 100% of the work they make and contributed to Vectors. Artists sign an agreement to perpetually allow Vectors to use their contributions to the project for promotion, iteration, and sale. This means both the artists and Vectors can promote, package and sell the work but the Artist will always be credited.