Wooden Rings at Common Market 6/22/24

We are so excited to share the lush, intricate songs by Chicago transplant, Ramah Malebranche, for the Wooden Rings performing at Common Market in Durham, North Carolina on June 22nd a 7:00- 8:00 PM.

We are so excited to share the lush, intricate songs by Chicago transplant, Ramah Malebranche, for the Wooden Rings performing at Common Market in Durham, North Carolina on June 22nd a 7:00- 8:00 PM.

The chamber group is a “quieter” but in some ways more intricate version of band Wooden Rings, a progressive folk and rock group playing off-kilter sad-bastard music that is both foreign and familiar. The chamber group, composed of violinist Asa Jackson, upright bassist Gabe Sparrow, vibraphonist Andrew Munger, and Malebranche dig deeply into the mind and the heart, demanding attention and compassion from audiences in ways that leave you with more than you expected to find.

  • Date: June, 22nd 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Location: Common Market: 1821 Green Street, Durham, NC
  • Cost: Entry and Parking are free and there is a bar downstrairs

Ramah is Moving to North Carolina

After a profound post-pandemic depression the winters in Chicago had finally come to a point of finality. Ramah has made the difficult decision of suspend Wooden Rings, pack up and move to be closer to family. It’s a difficult move after almost 20 years in Chicago, leaving friends, and the family he built. But the call for growth and escape for the grip of stagnancy drives him. Let’s see what the future holds.

Lakeview East Festival

Wooden Rings is really excited to play the Lakeview East Festival of the Arts on the main stage at 1:00 pm on 9/11.

By then, we’ll have some stirring new songs to share and will come pregnant with vinyl. We played the festival years ago and I have nothing but fond memories of the event.

You can also hear one of our songs, “A Bell”, on WHCM 88.3 FM in the northwest suburbs on the Local Music Show on Harper Radio. Play rotation will begin on 8/2.


We play 9/11 at 1PM on the main stage

Wooden Rings | Livestock at The Farm

We are beyond excited to play outside at dusk at The Farm in East Garfield Park, a true Chicago gem known for its DYI garden.

Wooden Rings takes the stage at 7 PM but there will be a variety of great bands who traveled to perform, a bonfire, and even a goat that it still living, to fill your heart with mush.

The show will be on Thursday, August 4th at 7:00PM.

The Farm is located at 3236 W Carroll Ave in Chicago and there will be donations collected, so bring some cheddar.

Wooden Rings at Montrose Saloon

Montrose Saloon is an easygoing Albany Park neighborhood watering hole offering local craft brews & spirits, plus regular live music. It’s roots and boozy, so come have fun!

Date: Thursday, July 14th

Time: We take the stage at 7:00 PM but music continue well into the night

Address: 2933 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Cost: Suggested Donation

We rescheduled this show to a time when we didn’t have COVID

Werewolf Coffee Bar hosts Wooden Rings

We are very excited to share some of the music we have been working on and have only attempted to perform in a garden over the summer. We have a sleek new in-ear system we want to try out and some lovely harmonies to tickle your ear.

Werewolf Coffee Bar is at 1765 Elston Ave. in Chicago

The music starts at 7:00 PM and end before 8:00 PM

At this free show, there will be alcohol and of course … coffee!


Michigan 2021

It’s February, the darkest, coldest, shortest month of the year. And like many we have been working hard, stressing, trying to grow in a place that doesn’t want to see growth. We’ve been working from home, sitting around, pacing our minds. But you know what, we’ve been together.

Wooden Rings has been practicing at our East Garfield space, writing new songs, gestating, and spending quite a bit of time on our sounds and equipment. We’d like to grow by incorporating some technology that has the premise to make us freer, more consistent, more efficient, and maybe with enough practice, more creative.

We’ve been thinking about how to pandemic swept our previous record right from under up. Many didn’t get a chance to hear it or never heard it live. Heliocentric was a vinyl endeavor and particularly sensitive to isolation. If we don’t play rooms, audiences never hear our work or consider supporting us. We could have scrambled to play online. But I just couldn’t do that to myself or my bandmates.

We all just needed time.

But now I think we are on the cusp of a new set, considering some starter shows, and eager to try some of our testy new gear. Will it fit? Will it completely fail? Or will it be so satisfying, we’ll forget how we were before?

We all work harder than ever outside of this project and we all want some new things out of life since the pandemic. May 2022 be a vehicle for us to express ourselves in this music, to grow closer together and wiser as individuals.

I love my bandmates, Nathan, Alex, and Liz. We appreciate anyone and everyone who will stop for a moment to listen to what we’ve constructed, not to tear us down but to hear the truths we share and be edified.

So, I want us to play out again soon.


Just a practice 2021
Michigan 2021

Lyrics Matter

Big thank you to every single person who has purchased or reserved our new record, Heliocentric. We put some bone marrow into this record and years of throwing lyrics at the wall and listening for echos back. Though I tend to write from my own personal experience I also hear my lyrics opening up more to feelings we all have. The lyrics are becoming less a study of my singular life and more a study on my friends, family, and society around me. So, lyrics matter to me a they are a vehicle of clarity, placing the emotion of the music in the right space in the mind to tell a story.

To avoid this kind of miscommunication, I have uploaded all of lyrics to Bandcamp next to each song. Make sure you heard what you thought you heard and check back at the title of the song for hints as to which memories to access on which songs.

1.In June 05:35

2.Streaming 04:53

3.Sunrise 05:57

4.Strangers 05:15

5.Shine 04:24

6.We Are Doves 04:57

7.A Bell 04:47

8.Just Read To Me 03:33

9.Flashing Gold 03:50

10.Before We Collapse 04:58

Dual Record Release at Elastic Arts on Leap Year

We are releasing records at Elastic Arts on leap year and you are all invited!

Tickets are $10.00 and doors are at 8:30 PM.

Wooden Rings teams up with Blow Wind Blow, for a dual record release show this leap year, February 29th 2020, at Elastic Arts.

Doors open at 8:30 PM with sound healer, Jay Taylor creating a sonic landscape throughout the audience, which dovetails into the first song of Blow Wind Blow’s set at 9:00 PM. The show continues with projection, and light play by light artist Rachel Winslow and filmmaker Brian Wilson. Heliocentric, the first full-length vinyl record, will be self-released by Wooden Rings, was made possible with generous support from the 3Arts Foundation, support from our gorgeous listeners, and was pressed locally at Smashed Plastic.

Blow wind blow releases, The Wake, engineered by Jeff Breakey at Good Wolf and mastered by James Auwarter at Coda|Room Audio Chicago/London, who incidentally record Heliocentric.

Wooden Rings & Angela French | Hangar 9

Wooden Rings & Angela French | Hangar 9 Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 10 PM – 12 AM 511 S Illinois Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901-2814, United States Wooden Rings weaves lush, original blends of folk and rock on their upcoming full-length vinyl release, Heliocentric. Taking the stage with local trio Angela French, the two groups share the honesty and intimacy shared by the craft of songwriting. woodenringsmusic.com angelafrenchmusic.com Facebook Event

Wooden Rings & Mporium Allstars

Wooden Rings & Mporium Allstars Friday, November 22, 2019 at 8 PM – 12 AM Mporium [Message for location] The night begins warmly with a potluck at 8:00 PM at Mporium in Champaign. Opening the night, Wooden Rings will weave lush, original blends of folk and rock from their upcoming full-length vinyl release, Heliocentric. The band is exploring a larger sound in this body of work but not large enough for the small, intimate rooms, where audience are ritualistic about listening. Closing the night, with the home court advantage, the Mporium Allstars trio will play an eclectic mix of punk, pop, and rock covers from the 60’s forward. woodenringsmusic.com Facebook Event

Arrival of the Masters


I am so happy to announce that Wooden Rings has completed the recording, mixing, and mastering phase of our first full-length record, Heliocentric. We could not have done it without the never-ending support, care, and love of our close friends and family. We also had 50 amazing donors who chipped in to press our dreams into reality (thank you). The next steps include sending the masters and artwork to a record printing company that will take 10 weeks to carve it out into dead dinosaur disks. We should be performing and releasing the record in the winter hoping that the music con offer us some warmth.

Honestly, listening to the Sides A and B of this record transports me back into myself – to sit with my ideas- all wrapped in memories. I thought I’d share:

I remember my house and my mother living in Haiti. The air, the kennepas, and flowers but most of all, I remember my grandparents. They created Heaven for us in their homes in the mountains. Both died during the writing of this record. I was able to fly to my grandfather’s funeral, thanks to my father. My grandmother died a couple of weeks ago but Haiti is so violent I could not travel to see her. They were our family’s last true grounding point to the country my mother and I fled.

Fleeing leaves you lost and empty. As a boy I was so unsure of myself because I knew deep down, I didn’t belong. I missed and needed my family and I didn’t realize it. Nobody told me what was missing was my people scattered across the globe. Even now, I see my mother once a year and my father, less. This lack drove me to build family early, have a child young, and marry twice. I had no idea why I needed to do what I was doing. Some of these songs explore that plainly. This is the most important thing I’ve learned from playing in Wooden Rings since 2012.

Continuing to listen, I remember how much I loved my ex-wife and how amazing and beautiful she is. I believed in her more than anyone. Knowing how bad things had got between us, I am also reminded of how selfish and insecure I was and how I couldn’t be any better than I was. We were like two kimono dragons in house, two Qilins. I remember my daughter growing taller into the world with my cooking, challenging my conversations at the table, and testing herself carefully, listening to it all.

I remember how hopeless I felt working as a teacher, giving everything I had to others all day, with so little to bring home or share. I was good at it. My students flourished. Some died- shot. I attended only one funeral and decided, one would be all I was going to give. Writing this music was a way I could survive all of those ideas so I didn’t have to forget the memories. Those I could enjoy without being hurt by them over and over. Those I could keep without being poisoned.

The year is almost over and I’m so glad that I get to walk into winter with some Haitian sun, peaceful doves, my mother’s face, and some sugarcane rind to keep me warm.


Last Day to Donate

We reached our goal and exceeded our expectations for our campaign with 3Arts Foundation to fund our first full-length vinyl record, Heliocentric!

We can’t thank our friends and family enough for their generosity and care. Check out our donor page and give them hugs at random when you wee them.

In other news: We complete our final vocals in two weeks and give the project away to mix and master at Coda|Room Audio. Once that’s done, we shop around for a company to press our vinyl and argue over the album art. I can’t wait!

Lastly, we are in the process of booking shows all over the midwest. If you know a place that we should play or live somewhere we should visit, especially if we can crash on your couch, hit us up via email.