Big thank you to every single person who has purchased or reserved our new record, Heliocentric. We put some bone marrow into this record and years of throwing lyrics at the wall and listening for echos back. Though I tend to write from my own personal experience I also hear my lyrics opening up more to feelings we all have. The lyrics are becoming less a study of my singular life and more a study on my friends, family, and society around me. So, lyrics matter to me a they are a vehicle of clarity, placing the emotion of the music in the right space in the mind to tell a story.

To avoid this kind of miscommunication, I have uploaded all of lyrics to Bandcamp next to each song. Make sure you heard what you thought you heard and check back at the title of the song for hints as to which memories to access on which songs.

1.In June 05:35

2.Streaming 04:53

3.Sunrise 05:57

4.Strangers 05:15

5.Shine 04:24

6.We Are Doves 04:57

7.A Bell 04:47

8.Just Read To Me 03:33

9.Flashing Gold 03:50

10.Before We Collapse 04:58