These are all quoted directly from folks that have either purchased our recordings or have helped share our music with others: “I heard part of it on my way back from the grocery store, and it stopped me in my tracks.” “Your interview and music really captured my attention. (It’s something very special when something on the radio can do that these days.)” “Unique” “On My Australian Radio Show WMA-FM 94.9 the album Wooden Rings came in at No. 2 on my list of the top albums released in 2012.” “Amazing album! I can’t believe it took me this long to buy it!” “The debut of Wooden Rings sounds like nothing I’ve heard out of Chicago in a while, if ever.” “Ramah Jihan is coming from Fairport Convention/Renaissance/Acoustic Yes vibe that would sound annoyingly precious in lesser hands.” Thanks for you kind words- RJ of WR