Dear friends and family,

We are excited to announce that Wooden Rings is partnering with 3Arts to complete our first full-length album, Heliocentric.

We ask you to please help us bring this album to light by donating to our campaign. We are attempting to raise $3333 by August 15th to commit Heliocentric to vinyl and make it ubiquitous on streaming platforms. If you can help us meet our goal, the 3Arts Foundation has agreed to cover the rest of the costs.

Those who know us well understand that our bone marrow has been woven into the art on this record. We believe that our sacrifices will make this release not only meaningful to us but to our listeners as well. With this work our aim is to connect with a broader audience without sacrificing the complexity and emotional range that make Wooden Rings so impactful.

Please help spread the word by liking and sharing our posts with your friends, family, and music-loving communities.

  Thank you for supporting us,
Ramah, Liz, Sasha, Nathan
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